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Le Péché Gourmand

Gateau Tatin

Gateau Tatin

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Le gateau Tatin is a very simple cake made by all at a very young age. I have very found memories of learning to make this cake with my mom around the age of 6 on a very wet and cold autumn day for my birthday. This is very moist syrup imbibed sponge cake cooked upside down with a layer of caramel on the bottom and Poires William lain on top of it with the batter poured on top, then finally turned upside down after cooking to let that caramel drizzle down the sides. 

Best served still slightly warm fresh from the oven with or without creme fraiche if you feel like a Peche Gourmand.


Contains eggs, dairy, and gluten

PLEASE NOTE: The appearance of cakes and other items may differ slightly from the website photos, due to the creative licence of the chef, but the taste and appearance still remain of the highest standard.

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