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Le Peche Gourmand

Gland/Salammbo/Saltimbocca ( x 6)

Gland/Salammbo/Saltimbocca ( x 6)

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Le "Gland" in France has a lot of different names and meanings depending where you come from or who you ask. It is a really regional pastry and some people would tell you it doesn't even exists. It can be called Salambo or Saltimbocca and can depending upon the flavour. Traditionnally the Gland, which means acorn in english, is a slight green colour and has cocoa nibs on one end of the choux pastry to make it look like an acorn and has a Cointreau flavour.

The Salambo is a slight pink or white colour and is a grand-marnier flavour in honour of the heroin of Gustave Flaubert's book "Salammbo".

The Saltimbocca is a salted caramel flavour with a toffee rather than fondant on top of the choux pastry. 


This is for 6 of the same flavour

Contains eggs, dairy, and gluten

PLEASE NOTE: The appearance of cakes and other items may differ slightly from the website photos, due to the creative licence of the chef, but the taste and appearance still remain of the highest standard.

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