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Le Peche Gourmand



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The origins of Macarons date back from the Middle Ages in the Middle East contrarly to a lot of beliefs, it was not invented in France. It was then brought to France by Catherine de Medicis when she came from Italy in mid XVI century. It was an almond pastry made with sugar and egg whites. In the XIX Century, there were a lot of different varieties of macarons made but the most popular one became the "Macaron de Paris" which has a soft creamy center and a coloured pastry shell. 

Our boxes are a mix of all our flavours (salted caramel, mocha, passionfruit, violet, kirsch cherry & coconut, raspberry & rosewater, jaffa, nutella, strawberry, licorice, pistachio, lemon & blueberry, matcha)


Contains eggs, dairy, and nuts

PLEASE NOTE: The appearance of cakes and other items may differ slightly from the website photos, due to the creative licence of the chef, but the taste and appearance still remain of the highest standard.

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